Joseph Martino, Chair                     Angela Kennedy, Vice Chair                           

CEC Boardroom (2nd Floor)
80 Sheppard Ave East, Toronto, ON, M2N 6E8

From the August 20, 2020 Regular Board Meeting

Matter 1: Trustee Kennedy against Trustee Rizzo

1. That a determination be made that Trustee Rizzo breached the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act by voting on the budget June 2019 when her daughter was an employee of the Board. The breach constitutes a breach of the Boards code of conduct; and

2. That the determination of sanctions be deferred to the September 17, 2020 Board Meeting.

Recommendations to Board:

1. That this policy be called Delegations and Public Participation Policy and that the rules of public attendance and conduct be outlined.

2. That a new regulation No one may display signs or placards, applaud debating participants or engage in conversations or other behavior that may disrupt a meeting be inserted into the Policy.

3. Page 72, Regulation 25

That the Chair may request the delegate to apologize in the moment be added as a third sentence; and

4. Page 72, Regulation 28

That a delegate who makes a public and misleading statement against a Trustee and refuses to apologize shall not be allowed to delegate until such time as a public apology is made be added as a third sentence.

Recommendation to Board:

That the Parliamentarian attend all future meetings of the Governance and Policy Committee.

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