Joseph Martino, Chair                     Angela Kennedy, Vice Chair                            

CEC Boardroom (2nd Floor)
80 Sheppard Ave East, Toronto, ON, M2N 6E8

Matters recommended by Statutory Committees of the Board

Recommendations to Board:

1. To develop and draft a policy with protocol and procedures outlining the use of exclusions and the appeal process for Exclusion Appeals.

2. That a report be prepared for the counting the number of Individual Education Plans (IEP) due at the beginning of a school year or term/semester and the number and percent of completed IEPs that were sent to parents on or before the 30-school day period has passed.

The report to Include IEPs due no earlier than the beginning of the 2020/21 school year;

The report to accumulate new reporting periods as the 30-school day period expires;

The report should not include more than the previous 5 school years of reporting;

The report to separate Elementary and Secondary results with a board wide cumulative result; and

The report be included with the annual accountability framework report.

3. That the letter of interest from Hilary Quinn to serve as Special Education Advisory Committee member be accepted.

4. That SEAC is in favour of the Policy and Operational Procedures on the Policy on Age-Appropriate Placement: Curriculum/Program Supports, provided in Report Appendix A, and the accompanying TCDSB Operational Procedures, provided in Report Appendix B.

5. That a budget presentation be made as soon as possible to SEAC on the Special Education Budget;

6. That SEAC review, provide feedback and make recommendations about the Special Education Plan.

7. That membership be encouraged on the SEAC Committee.

8. That the Ontario Human Rights Code and the Ontario Human Rights Commission’s Policy on Accessible Education for Students with Disabilities be included in the cross-references section;

9. On page 76, Line 2:

That in the most inclusive way possible be added after students

10. That the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) be included in the cross-references section as well