Meeting #:
Thursday, October 22, 2015
3:00 P.m. - 3:30 P.m.
Office of Angelo Sangiorgio
Executive Offices, 3rd Floor, CEC
80 Sheppard Avenue East
Members Present
Sangiorgio, Angelo (Associate Director of Planning and Facilities)
Silva, Mario (Planning Services)
Staff Present
Ryhorski, Colleen (Facilities)
Puccetti, Maia (Facilities)
De Cock, Paul (Business Services)
Sanza, Teresa (Business Services)
Iafrate, Morris (Capital Development)

Visited1.1.aMai 2015 004 ProPress Plumbing Staff Training

​Maia spoke to the report.

Approved for furtherance to Director's Council

That approval be provided for the Senior Coordinator of Maintenance & Energy Management (Khaled Elgharbawy) and a Board plumber (Terry Lundrigan) to attend the ProPress training session scheduled at Viega LLC in Boston, USA, on November 23, 2015, at no cost to the Board except for the staff time.

Visited1.1.bMai 2015 005 Maintenance Vehicle Purchase Program 2015 Change Order Report

​Maia spoke to the report. Now recommending that instead of buying two (2) used trucks that for the price difference we purchase new. Discussion as to whether Maintenance had the money. Teresa indicated that they did not.

Approved at Associate Directors' Council.

That a budget increase of $17,678.07, to supplement the originally approved budget of $30,000.00, to be used to purchase two (2) new pick-up trucks from Humberview Trucks be approved.

That funding is made available in the Maintenance budget, RF 1251, line 51.

Visited1.1.cRen 2015 004 Precious Blood Exterior Wall Repairs Change Orders

​Morris Iafrate spoke to the report. Maia noted under budget. Maia noted the school was in very bad shape and asked if the school was going to be replaced. Angelo noted that the school will be continuing.

Approved at Associate Directors' Council.

De Cock, Paul (Business Services) joined the meeting at 3:19 PM.
Iafrate, Morris (Capital Development) joined the meeting at 3:18 PM.
  1. That the action of staff in authorizing Change Orders #5 and 6, resulting from unforeseen conditions and code compliance, in the amount of $13,689.45 (including net HST), payable to Colonial Building Restoration, be ratified.
  2. That exp Services Inc.’s fee be increased, based on the actual construction cost, including Change Orders #5 and 6, from $14,007.19 to $14,479.48 (including net HST) and that the Technical Development Allowance be reduced from $35,000.00 to $18,000.00 (including net HST).
  3. That funding be made available from the approved 2014-2016 School Renewal Program, under the School Renewal Grant.

Visited1.1.dRen 2015 037 Blessed Mother Teresa Exterior Digital Illuminated Sign Contractor Award

​Angelo asked what Facilities would be doing about "general admission" banners (not FDK) and referred to emails from Trustee Davis. Budget already approved. Angelo understood that it was cheaper to replace then repair. Maia concurred.

Approved at Associate Directors' Council.

  1. That a contract for exterior sign replacement at Blessed Mother Teresa Catholic Secondary School be awarded to the lowest compliant bidder Spectra Advertising at a contract value of $46,800 plus net HST of $1,010.88 for a total of $47,810.88.
  2. That funds be made available in the School Renewal Program, under the School Renewal Grant.
  3. That the budget balance remain in place to cover the cost of the walkways replacement to be executed during the summer of 2016.

Visited1.1.eRen 2015 038 Marshall McLuhan MEDD Kitchen Upgrades Contract Award

​Maia spoke to the report. School got Federal grant for Life Skills - ($25,000?) a portion has to be spent on the equipment - we filled in through Renewal. Report to be amended to reflect partial funding from Federal Grant. Maia noted that this is just awarding the contract with a request for additional budget money of $1,000.00

Approved as amended.

  1. That a contract for renovations to the MEDD room at Marshall McLuhan Catholic Secondary School be awarded to Kara Consultants Ltd for $29,000.00 plus net HST of $626.40 for a total of $29,626.40.
  2. That the consultant’s fee, which was approved at 15% of the final construction cost, be adjusted to $4,443.96.
  3. That the project budget be increased to $36,011.36 to account for a budget shortfall of $1,011.36.
  4. That funding for this project be made available in the 2014-2016 School Renewal Plan, under the School Renewal Grant.