Garry Tanuan, Chair                                         Markus de Domenico, Vice-Chair

Meeting #:
CEC Boardroom (2nd Floor)
80 Sheppard Ave East, Toronto, ON, M2N 6E8

Recommendations from March 6, 2019 Meeting to Student Achievement and Well Being, Catholic Education and Human Resources Committee:

1) That this Committee bring forward and recommend unusual Items that can affect the perception of Catholic Church Teachings in Our Board.

2) That this Sub-Committee meet on a monthly basis, approximately 10 days before each month’s Student Achievement Meeting, and also on an as needed basis in the event of emergencies, and that cancellation of meetings be at the discretion of the Chair and lead Staff.

3) That when the Catholic Education Sub-committee is formulating or drafting a Policy, that it consult with Nurturing Our Catholic Community.

4) That the following terms of Reference be adopted:

Be it resolved that the Student Achievement, Catholic Education and Human Resources Committee (SAWBCEHR) establish a sub-committee under Section 5.9 of the Board’s Operating By-law 175, to consider matters pertaining to the relevant terms of reference of the SAWBCEHR Committee, such as, but not limited to:

a. The living our Catholic Values Pillar of the Multi-Year Strategic Plan
b. Program alignment with the Catholic Graduate Expectations
c. Building Catholic school communities and strong relationships between school, home and church
d. Programs and services lead by Nurturing Our Catholic Community
e. The achievement of the aims and objectives of the Board in Catholic Education
f. Deployment of Board resources for Catholic Education
g. Policy development and revision in the area of Catholic Education
h.Enhance Faith Development for all Staff and Students and Trustees
i. Other matters of Catholicity as referred from SAWBCEHR form time to time. And;

Be it further resolved that this sub-committee be comprised of no more than one third of the Board of Trustees and the Chair and Vice-Chair as ex-officio members and that additional committee membership shall include TCDSB staff and stakeholders as determined by the Director and other appropriate individuals as determined by the Board of Trustees from time to time; and:

Be it further resolved that this sub-committee report monthly to the SAWBCEHR Committee.

5) That the Catholic Education Sub-Committee review the Religious Education Department Budget prior to the next Sub-Committee meeting to be held March 26, 2019.

6) That Staff provide an update to the Sub-Committee at either the March 26, 2019 Sub-Committee Meeting or the following meeting, on the progress of the Repository.

7) That Trustee Tanuan distribute to the Sub-Committee members and Trustees an outline of the Back to Our Catholic Faith Program.


Recommendations from March 26, 2019 Meeting:

1) That the Catholic Education and Living our Catholic Values Sub-Committee has strong concerns surrounding Denominational rights regarding the course content, courses and introduction of eLearing courses;

2) That the Catholic Education committee has concerns about eCourses being taught by teachers not employed by an Ontario Catholic School Board;

3) That the Board write a letter to OCSTA, the Association of Catholic Bishops of Ontario and the Ontario Ministry of Education outlining the above noted concerns; and

4) That Student Achievement And Well-Being Committee refer to Governance and Policy that staff develop a policy on Catholic Curriculum in all subjects taught in all Toronto Catholic Schools. In addition we recommend that OCSTA encourage all Catholic Boards in Ontario to develop their own Catholic Curriculum policy.