Meeting #:
Monday, November 30, 2015
9:00 A.m. - 12:00 P.m.
Catholic Teacher's Centre
Catholic Teacher's Centre

Prayer Leader: Doug Yack
Visited2.Approval of:
Visited6.2.10Reading for the Love of It - N. D'Avella (2 min)

​Advised support for the conference -

2 Secondary Schools Teachers - use of Code 83

plus conference registration

1 Elementary School Teachers

Visited11.2.1Report - Exit/Entry Surveys - M. Silva/J. Volek (2 min)

​goal implement surveys - systematic analyis parent responses.

helping inform system process, communications and IT team

two for each panels - surveys

part of the SOAR registrations.

Approved with amendments to DC.

parent councils and CIPC

consultation with unions and principals

general satisfcation and general dissatification with school experience

capture with one statement - would you like staff to follow-up

another box -

open ended. is it balanced - balance approach

consult with stakeholders - unions, parent councils, princpal groups, CIPC/Tapce Oapse - online process

due the report action of the request - look at an methodology - meeting their political action.

fo forward as an a draft form with the changes - if they want speicific - informal feedback.

Visited8.2.1Urgent Request Regarding Syrian Refugees - A.Gauthier/G. Poole (10 min)

​mary ward -

completed the questionnaire from the Ministry re Syrian Refugees.

feeler - out to principals - in pockets where there are syrian, lebannese etc.

two distinctions - govt sponsored part of 25000

ongoing private - archdiocese thru catholic community groups -

community settlement workers



community health workers

Visited6.Student Achievement and Well being
Visited6.2Discussion Items
Visited6.2.2ICFF - J. Saraco/L. DiMarco/G. Iuliano-Marrello (5 min)

​Deferred to November 30, 2015 EC.

Visited6.2.3"Staggered Entry” of Kindergarten Students - J. Shain (2 min)

request to go back to staggered entery for kindergarten.

give sometime for the school to prepare , bus routes not established.

childcare children no place to go.

can be staggered depending on the school for children with special needs.

all agreed with status quo. maintain status quo and will not go with staggeredentry.

Visited6.2.4Google Apps for Superintendents - L. DiMarco (5 min)

​next January. Inservice . january 4th at 9:00 a.m.

Visited6.2.5French Exemptions - G. Poole (5 min)

​Discussed, no exemptions from French Immersion programs. exemptional DDM kids.

Visited6.2.9Grad Rates by High School - J. Yan (5 min)

​Its public information- be consistent with our own statements.

tool on the star website -TDSB releasing

not use profile rates - health of community.

any discrepancies come to speak to us.

not key indicator of that community of health.

before release let trustees know and so's.

Visited6.2.6Review of the Ministry Meeting - D. Koenig (5 min)

​provided update

layed out the plan ont he professional learning and special ed.

learning form and reconcisionation form - collection of evidence on Google drives.

Visited6.2.7PLP and Reconciliation forms – comments from principal meetings - D. Koenig (5 min)

​Reminder went to all principal meetings - the importance of the forms.

send a copy to D.Koening and K Malcolm the reconciliation forms.

district reviews - obervation summary to so and d.koening.

slip and pl days

Visited6.2.8Safe School TSU update- V. Burzotta (15 min)


go back with this as a verbal response.

check with legal council how to respond to these questions.

agree with a pilot for 2nd semester.

disclose info on suspended students.

need to share the safety plan for those studnts.

look at the terminology of the safety plan ? behavioural response and safety.

engagement plan.

Visited6.2.13February 12, 2016 - Board Wide PD Day - N. D'Avella (1 min)

​Advised of the February 12, 2015 Board-Wide PD Day.

ALP Survey .

language in the agreement articulated the ALP survey.

Visited10.Stewardship of Resources
Visited10.2Discussion Items
Visited10.2.2School Block Carryover for 2014-15 Committed Funds - P. De Cock (2 min)

Received. to DC for further discussion and consideration.

recommending to DC - amount that pertains to po commitments .

unspent balances -

20% budget reductions for next year.

FNY - $1200 per student - not impacted

2nd semester - residing in the unspent amount

3.3 million as reserve.

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